Changing Firms

The real estate profession has been around a long time, and change comes slowly to the industry. There are many traditional offices operating today, pretty much as they did 30 years ago. You know there is a better way to do business; so do we.

At our Surrey and Fort Langley Branches, you operate your own business, and you decide how to do that.

RE/MAX Little Oak Realty understands the most efficient use of your time is not driving to and from the office, but in meeting your clients where it is most convenient for them and yourself. Our systems allow you to do everything you used to do in the office, On The Go. We don’t want to fence you in, we want to set you free!

One of the largest expenses of a traditional real estate brokerage is the extensive and very costly physical office space. This burdensome and unnecessary cost of this space is directly passed on to the agents. By eliminating as much of this needless square footage as possible, we are freeing up funds to invest in software, technology and systems that allow you to do business in the field, where your clients are. Most importantly to you, it helps us to keep your fees as low as possible.

Being on the go, you may see your colleagues and Broker less often. However, at RE/MAX Little Oak Realty, you will never suffer from isolation. You will find you are more connected than ever before! Your Brokerage and your colleagues will ensure you have constant communication, so you are up-to-date on all relevant information. Through Video Updates from your Broker, feedback from administration on your files, an Associate’s helpful explanation of a new legislation, or just photos of your colleagues get-together last weekend, you will always be in the know and connected.

One of the benefits of RE/MAX Little Oak Realty is our on-going training. We offer training and mentoring at all levels of your real estate career. Our trainers are active sales professionals as we do not believe you can learn from those that cannot do it! The proof is in the results, and those we have trained and mentored are among the best in our Profession.

RE/MAX Little Oak Realty envisions their new Surrey office location to be at the forefront of leading edge technology to better enable the realtor on the go to do their business in a more efficient manner that has the added benefit of allowing their clients to be better informed of the real estate transaction from start to finish.

I would like to encourage you to check out all the features of Nuance which is the paperless transaction platform that we use, not only the deal sheets and paperless filing, but the added benefits of Using Realty Nuance that will provide your clients with consistent communication, access to their documents and showing information from any computer.

If you take the time to use it, it’s the real estate business hub that allows you to:

  • Manage a multitude of tasks from one central location.
  • Be organized, efficient and up-to-date.
  • Manage all transaction related documents
  • Involve your client in the transaction
  • Maintain constant communication
  • Provide automatic notifications
  • Work efficiently with assistants and teams
  • Safely store all your important listings and contracts of purchase & sale – no more boxes or lost files!
  • Allows showing feedback direct to your clients to view at anytime
  • Forward documents to other parties including lawyers, appraisers, lenders etc. with ease
  • Verifiable paper flow trail when used correctly
  • Endorsed by the Real Estate Council of BC and other agencies as a proper way to store, file and keep track of your business
  • Realty Nuance’s fax to email function allows for easy conversion from hard copy to email
  • Best of all it is provided free of cost to RE/MAX Little Oak Realtors

It’s time well spent with your clients; reduce the redundancy and start focusing on your business!

This is our culture.  Are you ready to take the opportunity? Click here to download our Realtor’s Need Assessment form, and mail it to or Click here to Schedule a Confidential Appointment with us Today!



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Training Schedule

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate - Burnaby

May 23, 2019

108-4370 Dominion Street Burnaby BC V5G4L7

Curious about commercial real estate? Want to know how to identify and measure a real estate investments? How about some of the basics of land development, business sales, or even basic commercial leasing? There are many specializations within the commercial real estate world. Come and learn some of the foundational skills and build a solid foundation within the commercial real estate world. Learn some of the major differentiators of a commercial transaction and a residential one, as well as what remains the same, and learn to identify and take advantage of some core commercial opportunities within your existing client base!

Success Stories

The top three reasons that I would recommend RE/MAX Little Oak are power of association, training, and brand recognition.

The greatest lesson that I have learned was to work harder on yourself than you do at your job.

As a sales associate of RE/MAX, buyers and sellers already know I am with RE/MAX before I meet them.

Andrew Bracewell

The greatest benefit is the RE/MAX Little Oak Training and to be associated with the many successful Real Estate professionals here.

I would recommend RE/MAX Little Oak because of the excellent training that you are exposed to here at Little Oak, the ongoing expertise of the Management and the way the office is run, especially conveyancing, and that I am just one phone call away from a ‘HELP’ call should I need assistance.

Shelley Gossett

I had never seriously considered becoming a RE/MAX realtor thinking I could never afford to work at this caliber of a company. However, after meeting with Ray, I saw that if I ramped up my production it would actually cost me less than the other company.

I saw that RE/MAX would provide me with the support, credibility and confidence to excel in the industry—so I “jumped ship”! I have benefited so much purely by associating with realtors who have their heights set on higher levels of service and sales production.

In my first calendar year as a licensed realtor, I completed over 68 transactions in the first 10 months! I have achieved my goal of being in the Top 10% agents at RE/MAX Little Oak, and I went from Rookie of the year to being in the Top 1% of single agents in our board out of 3000+ realtors.

One of the single biggest things I learned was how to earn over 38% more in commissions on listings. Thanks Ray!

Ben Hardy

As a sales associate of RE/MAX Little Oak Realty, the greatest benefit has been the realtors that I work with.

I would recommend RE/MAX Little Oak to another realtor because of the working environment and the stability of ownership.

Stan Wiebe

The greatest benefit as a sales associate at Re/MAX Little Oak has been that the other realtors have been overly helpful.

The 3 top reasons that I would recommend RE/MAX Little Oak is the RE/MAX Little Oak family - you feel like you belong, the ability to obtain advice and guidance from some of the most successful realtors and management in the whole of Canada, and the name itself draws clients. 

Mentioning that I was with RE/MAX Little Oak, greatly helped when dealing with buyers and sellers - RE/MAX is a powerful selling tool and is held in great regard in the real estate world.

Tom O`Hara

One of the greatest benefits of RE/MAX is being surrounded by Top Producing Agents and seeing firsthand the work it takes to succeed in this business.

RE/MAX offers name brand recognition that is comparable to none. RE/MAX is advertised everywhere you look!

People know RE/MAX and associate with “THE” leader in the industry. This organization has a high level of professionalism that goes before you.

Steve Kooner

Last week I was working on a listing. The potential client had talked with me and another realtor and had asked her daughter what she should do.

Her daughter, who had sold real estate years ago said, “Go with the guy from RE/MAX.

That company has the best realtors, hands down.” I got the listing!

Larry Siebert

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